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Application Advice

We want to make sure that you can make the best first impression possible at every stage of your application process. This page is designed to help you understand what we’re looking for and how to prepare for each step.

Verbal Test

We’ll ask you to complete a verbal reasoning test online as part of your application. You’ll have a certain time period to complete the test, with the deadline detailed in the test invitation we send you by email.

You can choose where and when to take the test so ensure you plan ahead, and don’t leave it to the last minute.

Spend some time taking practice tests to become familiar with the types of question asked. There’ll be a link to a practice test in your email invitation.

Take time to read the test instructions thoroughly.

Make sure you answer all the questions you can answer. If you’re not sure, mark your best choice.

Read the questions carefully, as the wording used is important.