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About Us

At HM Treasury, we’re always looking to make our organisation a rewarding place for people with a disability. Here are two of our staff members’ experiences.

Our Culture

We want all staff to thrive in the Treasury, and we know that this means different things to different people.

We’re committed to ensuring that all of our employees can realise their potential, achieve a healthy work-life balance and feel supported in the workplace. We also provide opportunities for those who want to give back through volunteering.

At HM Treasury, we view flexible working as essential in enabling us to recruit and retain talented people, ensuring that they can enjoy a long-lasting career with us. All employees have the right to apply for flexible working and there are a range of options available to you, including working from home, compressed hours and job sharing. Additionally, we operate flexitime systems, allowing you to take up to an additional 2 days off each month, providing you work enough hours to meet business need.

The wellbeing of our staff is important to us, and so your line manager will support you in this. You can also access additional support and advice through our delivery partners, as well as internal supporters who you can talk to in confidence if needed.

The Government has made a commitment to encourage employees of large and public sector organisations to invest time in voluntary activity. In line with this, you’ll have the opportunity to take a minimum period of special paid leave each year to undertake volunteering activities which are relevant to your business area, to demonstrate civic responsibility, or to support organisations that are part of the Treasury outreach programme.

We also operate a Reservists Policy, which supports a commitment from the Prime Minister that the Civil Service should lead the way as an exemplar employer of reservists.