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“Hi, I’m Tolga. I lead on the Treasury’s business plan. This comes with a lot of responsibility and a lot of work with senior management. I’ve always had an interest in current affairs but thought the Treasury would be too formal – out of touch. There is a diversity of opinions and backgrounds and the Treasury really values work-life balance. This gives me the freedom to keep up my other passions. For me this is time on the pitch as a football referee, but everyone here has something unique.”

“Hi, I’m Zoe. I always wanted a job that made an impact in the real world. I feel I get that at the Treasury – the data I analyse affects buisnesses. I have a lot of responsibility, but it’s pretty down to earth here and my manager cares about my work-life balance. It can be daunting to enter a large organisation alone, but coming in through the Graduate Programme I made contacts early on. I would recommend it to anyone.”  

“Hi, I’m Oliver. I work on VAT and excise at the Treasury which involves looking after legislation and managing stakeholders. I was interested in working for government and the variety of the work attracted me to the role. No two days are the same and there is something for everyone, even within the graduate programme. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”

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