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I look at how the government regulates employment. I also look at how any changes to policy might have an impact on businesses, as part of policy thinking and planning. This feeds directly into HM Treasury’s overall objective: to enable a growing economy that’s more resilient and balanced.

Given that the Treasury covers a wide range of areas, being a policy maker here means getting to know the bigger picture. Understanding the different but related issues becomes helpful when you’re advising Ministers on policy recommendations.

Tell us more about yourself, your background and how you came to work at HM Treasury.

I studied Economics and International Development at the University of Bath. I’d always been interested in the work of government and I thought HM Treasury would be a great place to gain that cross-cutting understanding of how policy is made. I got a good insight when I did my industrial placement year in the energy team, and I knew I wanted to come back!

How do you explain your role to your friends and family?

My friends and family broadly understand what the Treasury does, but I try to explain a bit more on the economic ministry side of things which is advising on how government decisions might have an impact on the economy, jobs and business. They know it’s important and top secret – and my dad says it’s a great honour to be a civil servant!

Can you tell us about specific policy-related projects you’ve led or made an impact on?

My research into how employment regulation impacts on the economy will inform the government’s approach to striking the right balance between the rights of employees, flexibility for people and businesses, and costs to employers. From employee productivity, to business investment, innovation and employee training – I looked at what happens in other countries, and what the UK can learn.

What are your team like to work with?

The setup of our team is quite unique. With a very wide-ranging portfolio across different policy areas, we share expertise in different areas such as growth and industry matters, which strengthens our advice to seniors and Ministers. We also come together for weekly team cakes and lunches!

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Being able to lead on specific policies means getting to go to external meetings with other government departments, and representing the Treasury’s interests in my policy area. That’s what I really enjoy.

What’s been your biggest challenge so far?

Regulation can be a very technical area to work in. It takes time and practice to understand the process, and the various financial services policies. But sitting down to talk with my colleagues always helps!

What’s been your proudest moment so far?

Being responsible for representing the Treasury’s views on regulation in cross-government meetings from quite an early stage in my job makes me feel proud. It’s also a good feeling seeing how the Treasury’s views can be very influential in policy making.

Finally, what would you say to someone thinking of applying?

Keep an open mind about what you might want to do in your first role. From spending, to tax, financial services, infrastructure, or even looking at the wider picture in the economy – there are such a wide range of opportunities in the Treasury. But you’ll gain a good set of skills wherever you join, as well as the chance to own and lead specific policies, and contribute your own ideas.