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About Us

These values underpin everything we do and are at the heart of all our actions and interactions within the Treasury. Our behaviours are intrinsically linked to our success; our values underpin those behaviours.

Our Values


We treat each other, our colleagues and partners with respect at all times, but especially when times are challenging. Our advice and analysis are impartial: we value intellectual honesty, regularly question assumptions and do not rule out radical or novel ideas. We are straightforward and honest, but always constructive and respectful.


We take time to ask after each other’s wellbeing, and make sure that everyone feels included. We give considered, insightful feedback, and praise where it is due. We value different ways of working, effort as well as success, and corporate contributions as much as policy delivery.


We understand the importance of the people we work with, both internal and external, and will always try to understand the points of view of others by putting ourselves in their shoes. We promote input from others, really listen to what they have to say and act on feedback we receive. We recognise our responsibility for the success of the wider Treasury and the government-as-a-whole, and work with partners beyond Whitehall to achieve the best outcome.


We actively share information as widely as possible. We are clear about why decisions have been made, and honest when they go wrong. We recognise the value of diverse viewpoints and experiences, and seek them out to improve our own understanding.