Application Advice

Getting started is easy. Simply log in to the online application, enter your email address, create a password, provide some basic personal information – and you’re well on your way to making your application.

The first part of the application form asks you for basic personal information, and there are questions about your educational history and any work history. We don't assess or award marks for your educational and work history, but the information helps us to allocate successful candidates to roles where they can use their knowledge and experience best.

There are two questions where we ask you to write a 300 word response. One is about why you are applying for this role, and one is about how you'd respond to a scenario that you might encounter at work.

  • We want to see that you have an understanding of what HM Treasury does, and what Policy Advisers do. Reading the sections About us and The Graduate Programme on this website will help you with this.
  • We'll assess your answer to the scenario question against the competency 'Collaborating and Partnering' in the Civil Service Competency Framework, Level 3. The 'positive indicators' for this competency will tell you a lot about what we're looking for.
  • The ability to write in a clear and concise way is important in the job, so we'll be looking for this when we assess your application.

When you've written your answers, check:

  • Have you answered the question?
  • Is everything that you've included relevant?
  • Is your answer clear and easy to follow?