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Policy Adviser

Male interviewer: “What do you enjoy most about your job?”

Janice: “So, my team covers the taxation of multi-nationals.”

Male interviewer: “Right”

Janice: “And what I really enjoy is following the political aspects of that discussion – “

Male interviewer: “Yep”

Janice: “ And that debate. So that involves knowing what the media is saying, what members of the public are asking the government, and also what MP’s from various parties are saying. ”

Male interviewer: “What has been your biggest challenge so far since joining?”

Janice: “So I work in the Corporate Tax Team, and I knew nothing about tax before I came in – “

Male interviewer: “Right.”

Janice: “So the biggest challenge for me was to learn about tax and the complex legislation, and also the technical terminology that people use.”

Male interviewer: “How long did it take you to learn all the terminology?”

 Janice: “I’d  say I’m still learning about tax now in my job because things are always changing, and there’s always something new that you discover, but that’s part of what makes work really interesting, because I’m always learning something new.”

Male interviewer: “Yeah.”

Janice: “And people from the Treasury, and also actually in HMRC have been really helpful in helping me learn about the terminology –“

Male interviewer: “Yeah.”

Janice: “And the technical details.”

Male interviewer: “So what would you say to someone who was thinking of applying?”

Janice: “I think they should apply. I really enjoyed my time in the Treasury so far. I’ve learnt a lot, and done a lot of things that I hadn’t have thought I’d be able to do.”

Male interviewer: “Yeah.”

Janice: “So for example, going on official trips abroad, and being in Parliament and supporting ministers has been really exciting.

Male interviewer: “Right”

Janice: “And you’re given quite a lot of responsibility at the start of your career which I hadn’t expected, but has been a welcome challenge.

Male interviewer: “A welcome challenge?”

Janice: “Yes! Ha-ha.”

Male interviewer: “Ha-ha. So when you were given responsibility at the start, how did you actually feel about it?”

Janice: “ I found it quite daunting at the start –“

Male interviewer: “Yeah”

Janice: “Because I came straight from university, but my team have been really quite supportive, and my line manager in especially has been very helpful in having regular catch-ups with me – ”

Male interviewer: “Yeah”

Janice: “So that I’m always clear about what I need to do, and also having regular development chats with me so that I can identify my objectives, and not only learn about new policy areas, but also, identify skill sets that I want to expand on.”

Male interviewer: “Oh I see. That’s really nice to know.”