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Policy Adviser

Male Interviewer: “So, what were your first impressions when you started working here?”

Danielle: “Think it was how nice everyone was, and how uncompetitive it felt.”

Male Interviewer: ”Ok.”

Danielle: “I, I wasn’t expecting that.”

Male Interviewer: “And what sort of things have you done on the programme so far?”

Danielle: “Well I’m in my first eighteen month placement, and my role’s changed quite a bit. When I started out, I was the liaison person for the Government and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.”

Male Interviewer: ”Ok.”

Danielle: “So if your bank goes bust, they provide you with compensation – do a lot of other stuff too. Then I moved to work on Financial Services Aspects of Trade.”

Male Interviewer: ”Right”

Danielle: “And that was mainly with it, working with the E.U, but now its financial services in trade, in general.”

Male Interviewer: ”Ok.”

Danielle: “I also managed our financial services relationship with the U.S, and, now I do a similar thing, but for Africa.

Male Interviewer: ”Wow, that sounds like quite a lot of variety. So you’ve obviously packed a lot into your eighteen months

Danielle: “Yeah, it’s been quite good, it’s been – you know, you have to adapt and deal with the changes. But everything I’ve done has been really interesting.”

Male Interviewer:”Great. Can you tell us about a time when you’ve had to deal with ambiguity in your work?”

Danielle: “All of the time!”

Male Interviewer: ”Right, haha.”

Danielle: “A lot of what I do is – has some form of ambiguity.”

Male Interviewer: ”Ok. That sounds quite – quite tricky. Do you find you have to be, sort of, quite resilient in order to do that?”

Danielle: “Yeah, I think so, cause uncertainty does make you feel a bit unsettled – but it’s also a great challenge. And then we’ve had to show a lot of resilience because we’ve had a change of ministers, haven’t known immediately what the next step was but everyone here is really supportive -”

Male Interviewer: ”Ok.”

Danielle: “And seniors have made it quite clear that they are here to support us –“

Male Interviewer: ”Yep”

Danielle: “And they know it’s a tricky time.”

Male Interviewer: ”Ok. What’s been your proudest moment of working at the Treasury?”

Danielle: “I was pretty proud when I sent my first submission to the economic secretary. It’s really cool to think someone that important is going to read something that I’ve written!”

Male Interviewer: ”And do you know how it went down – did they like it?

Danielle: “It was quite a while ago now, but I think the feedback was good. They went with my recommendation, which is always a good sign that I’ve communicated my policy area properly.”

Male Interviewer: ”So it’s clearly a lot of responsibility, what would be your number one top tip?”

Danielle: “I think just be inquisitive. You know, be ready to learn, cause there’s a lot to get to grips with. So you need to have that curiosity I think.”

Male Interviewer: ”Ok. Shall we head to that meeting?”

Danielle: “Yeah”

Male Interviewer: “Alright”